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Barbara Frońska

Legal counsel (PL)


  • insurance law
  • company law
  • commercial law
  • litigations
  • commercial contracts

Mrs. Frońska graduated from Jagiellonian University in Krakow. She gained her professional experience as a lawyer at companies and law offices in Krakow and Warsaw. In our law firm she is mainly engaged in insurance practice. She gives advise to insurance companies in the area of business insurances especially principles and limits of its liability. She represents the injured during the enforcement of compensation against all entities obligated to compensate for the damages.

She is engaged in enforcement of compensation for road accidents in particular accidents of pedestrians and cyclists, compensation for destroyed property, medical mistakes, and workplace accidents. She helps clients to define the size and value of damages. She is also engaged advising in area of substantive and procedural civil law, labor, companies, intellectual property, pharmacy and air law. Mrs. Frońska is a member of the Regional Bar of Legal counsels in Warsaw.