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By PERMANENT ADVISING our law firm provides: day-to-day services through direct contact with the lawyer, legal verification based on the latest legislation’s amendments. We provide quick response according to the newest judicial decisions and services at reasonable prices. In cases of permanent assignment, our lawyers give constant assistance regardless of how much work they have. In these cases of cooperation, the prices are fixed, though the complexity of the case, the place of the service and the rapidity of the service are all taken into calculation.

We offer our clients TEMPORARY ADVISING services as well which include in particular: giving legal advice based on facts, and preparing memorandums on a specific topic. Further, we give advice on tendencies seen in certain fields without referring to concrete facts and in addition prepare memorials. In this case of cooperation, we propose our clients the hourly remuneration system so that they only pay for the time effectively spent on their cases.

Our service includes DEBT ENFORCEMENT against the unreliable business partners of our clients prior to court procedure in cases of LITIGATION and ARBITRATION, till execution. We make previous assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of legal disputes. In these cases, we propose our clients the mixed remuneration system, and the costs depend on the advancement and the continuity of the entrusted tasks.

As far as our professional activity is concerned, we often advise entrepreneurs who are just about to start their business, or they intend to develop them on the Polish or Hungarian market. Prior to this, we make assessments of the needs and capabilities of our clients and propose them the proper legal service of business operation.

We ESTABLISH BUSINESS ASSOCIATIONS in both countries mentioned above and provide them with legal assistance. Our competencies include advising on how to either reduce business activity or terminate it. We support our clients to REORGANIZE or LIQUIDATE their associations. Depending on the service, we propose either the flat rate system, or the hourly payment system which is calculated in advance according to the expected time that is spent on a case.