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We have a wide experience in comprehensive advisory services concerning producers and distributors of building materials, paints, insulating systems, developers, contractors and subcontractors. Our law firm carries out the transformation and reorganization of companies within the capital group companies in the construction sector. [more]



Having advised a distributor of polyofelin, we gained considerable experience in this industrial sector. The complex structure of this big company required the implementation of a few intern procedures and organizational rules and regulations for the employees and the board of managements. [more]



The transport sector is the most international activity. Transport services are often realized among various countries and entities of a given country often take part in it. Due to the extensive national, European and international regulations, it is not an easy task to pursue the claim for compensation at court or release from liability. [more]



We advise the participants of the insurance process i.e. insurance representatives (agents, brokers) and insurance companies regarding personal and property damages. Further, we represent the injured party during the dues enforcement against any authorities or entities liable for either personal or property damage. [more]



The range of our services includes legal aid in the purchase and the management of real estate. Our work in this respect covers due diligence of the real estates in order to determine their legal status, so we check whether the legal title of the owner or the usufructuary raises any concern or doubts. [more]



We advise companies that distribute (motor) vehicles and we accompany them while they introduce new products to the market, or when they create or extend the distribution network. We handle all legal aspects including guarantee and warranty claims related to purchase or after the purchase. [more]



We give advice to the manufacturers of food and beverages on all matters in connection with packing, labeling and advertising. In these cases, we take the European food standards and regulations into consideration. We actively support our clients in matters such as purchase, promotion and the protection of trademarks and also prepare franchising contracts. [more]



The ‘industry pattern’, informally defined as design, acquired growing importance in Central and Eastern Europe for the last several years. However, it is not easy to distinguish good design from poor imitation. We help companies to enforce their rights if their trademarks are unlawfully used, or their products are forged. [more]



The health sector, especially the dentistry, plastic surgery, esthetic medicine, greatly benefited from the free movement of services. We give advice to agencies residing either in Hungary or Poland that provide health care services to people living in the most advanced society. [more]